Call for a host for the 2nd IVSA Animal Welfare conference, 2018

DEADLINE 15th of April

The first edition of the IVSA Animal Welfare Conference (IAWC) was held in Utrecht, The Netherlands from the 22nd to the 24th of April 2016. IVSA ExCo is now looking for a Member Organization interested and feeling capable of hosting the second edition of the IAWC.

Summary and more information?
• What and when?
o Ability to host at least 100 international students for Friday, Saturday and Sunday + Approximately 20 international speakers (hotels)
o Venue with at least one room in which all delegates will fit, plus multiple rooms for workshops
o Accommodation where all delegates can stay together
o Fee of approximately €100 (incl. meals, transportation and accommodation) for students
o Taking place in March/April 2018 or September/October 2018
• More information?
o Email to

call for 2nd AWC host