World Rabies Day 2017

World Rabies Day is tomorrow on September 28th, 2017, and marks the anniversary of the death of Louis Pasteur who developed the first rabies vaccine. Fortunately, this zoonotic disease doesn’t directly impact our pets in the UK; however, globally, over 50,000 human deaths are due to canine rabies, with domestic dogs causing 99% of the deaths.  World Rabies Day is promoted by numerous international organizations including the WHO, FAO, OIE & CDC and aims to promote global advocacy and awareness about the impacts of the disease. This year’s theme is Rabies: Zero by 30, which reflects the objective of eliminating all human deaths caused by canine rabies by 2030. With the help of your university’s Shelter Medicine Clubs, show your support by fundraising for one of many non-profit organizations like Mission Rabies & GARC. You can find more information about these organizations in the links provided. You can register any events you have organised at:

Radha Varadharajan, IVSA UK & Ireland Veterinary Public Health Officer